Traffic Operations Center

Successfully managing Cranberry Township traffic using real-time traffic technologies

The Township is able to monitor and optimize traffic flow through key intersections from the new Traffic Operations Center. Video cameras will enable personnel to immediately spot incidents, track traffic developments in real time, and retime signals. The video equipment is used to manage traffic and not to enforce traffic regulations. Video is not recorded. The system is expected to accommodate the anticipated growth in traffic over the next 15 years.  

Traffic Operation Center (ppt. presentation)

Managing Traffic in Cranberry Township (brochure)

Planning keeps pace with community growth

Getting to, through, and around Cranberry easily has been a key priority for the Township since the 1980s when its rapid growth as a population and commerce center began in earnest.

Then...Intersection of Rt. 19 and 228 in the 1940s


Now...Realigned, multi-lane intersection, Rts. 19 & 228


In the 60s, there was a single ‘blinker’ at Rt. 19 and Mars Rd. By the mid-90s, the Township boasted a fiber optic, closed loop system and 15 signals.

Today, the Centracs central-based control system features full-motion video cameras currently installed at fifteen key intersections. Through partnerships and agreements with neighboring Adams and Marshall Townships, Cranberry operates 48 signals and currently 27 are interconnected for traffic flow and efficiency.

OpCenter1.jpgTOC state-of-the-art equipment includes controllers, cabinets, back-up generators, decorative poles, ADA accessible pedestrian walkways and activation buttons. 

Of special note, all traffic signal lamps in Cranberry use LEDs in place of traditional tungsten bulbs in every signal face. Also, EVP, (Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption) is a sound-based system that listens for emergency sirens and assigns priority to those vehicles.

Traffic Operations Center Project Partners 

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • PennDOT District 10, Southwest PA Commission
  • Community Development Corp. Butler County (CDC)
  • Westinghouse Electric Co.
  • Pathmaster Inc. Twinsburg, Ohio
  • Econonlite Control Products 
  • Corning Cable Systems

Traffic Signal Corridors