Slow Down!

Fall 2017 Campaign
September 5 - 15

For more information contact:Communications Team

Cranberry neighborhoods join together bi-annually to encourage drivers to adhere to the posted 25-miles per hour speed limit, as well as all posted speed limits throughout the Township.

More neighborhoods take part each year
with hundreds of signs posted and distributed in the participating areas, along with mobile speed-reading trailers, traffic counter tubes, and increased police presence. The campaign is open to HOAs and neighborhoods without HOAs (with at least 5 participating neighbors).

Operating at a safe speed and exercising good judgment on the roads, sidewalks, trails, and parking lots is everyone's responsibility! Learn about CycleCT and sharing the road, among cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

The Cranberry Township "Slow Down" project is patterned after the Nebraska-based nonprofit “Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25." 

Slow Down Campaign sponsors: RJ Community Management and CTCC

Slow Down Campaign Guidelines


Program goals

  • Increase neighborhood participation
  • Raise awareness of driving habits
  • Slow people down

Campaign components

  • Post mounted street signs- HOA participants
  • Yard signs, managed by the HOA members
  • Speed trailer (Cranberry Twp.)
  • Police presence
  • Speed study

Let's make traffic safety a top priority

  • Speeding occurs everywhere
  • Speeding extends the distance necessary to stop a vehicle.
  • At 20 mph: stopping distance needed- 69 ft. 
  • At 40 mph: the distance needed is 189 ft.
  • Sources: USDOT, NHSTA

Campaign Co-Sponsors

RJ Comm Development

Thanks to all participating neighborhoods

  • Autumn Hill
  • Avery's Field
  • Bellevue Park
  • Cranberry Heights
  • Creekwood Commons
  • The Crossings
  • Edmonton Commons
  • Freedom Woods
  • Glen Eden
  • Glenbrook Manor
  • Green Fields Estates
  • Hampshire Woods
  • Highland Village
  • Hunters Creek
  • Kingsbrook
  • Manor Creek Farms
  • Marshall Woods
  • Mystic Ridge
  • Preserve
  • Rochester Village
  • Springfield Manor
  • St. Leonard's Woods
  • Stonefield/Farmview
  • Winchester Lakes
  • The Villas of Isleworth
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