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Sunday Doubles Registration

Doubles Ladder League
One session: 
Requires check in by 4:45 PM and begins at 5:00 PM, sharp.

Limited to 30 teams.

  • Sunday, CTPA 5PM Doubles Ladder League: Fee $20/team. Only one team member to register. 
  •  Register by Sept 7 , begins Sept 9Online Registration Course # 8117
Rules for DOUBLES Ladders 
This is a fun way to play doubles being assured to play three different teams each week.  You can have a team member of a different rating for a fun challenge or play with your steady doubles partner and prove how good you are.  All teams can consist of  two women, two men or mixed doubles. 

Only ONE MEMBER of the team should signup. Teams positioning in the ladder  will be sorted by the COMBINED CTPA skill level and randomly drawn within their skill level for initial positioning in the Ladder League. For example, if one team member is a 4.0, and another is a 3.5, their combined team rating is 7.5. 
See CTPA web page Members Section for additional details about the “CTPA Sunday Doubles Ladder.

PM Ladder League

Check in by 5:45 PM and begin at 6:00 PM, sharp! Limited to 52 people per league.
  • 2.5 and 3.0, Tuesday League: Fee $10. Register by Aug 12; begins Aug 14  Online Registration
  • 3.25 and above, Wednesday League: Fee $10, Register by Aug 13; begins August 15.   Online Registration 

AM Friday Ladder League

This is for 3.25,3.0, 2.75/2.5 Players
Check in by 9:45 AM and begin at 10:00 AM, sharp! Limited to 52 people per league.

Friday, 10:00 AM Ladder League: Fee $10.
Register by Aug 1, begins August 17. Online Registration 

Rules for Ladder League

CTPA Types of Play

Level Play:  These are specific times listed in the schedule that is geared for specific rated groups. These events are general open play in any format; four on/four off, winner team stays on and split,  ladders, round robin and can include practice/drill sessions. Level play will be run by a coordinator or coordinators who will manage the sessions.

League Play:  These are special events available to competitive members at a small fee. There will be three seasons of play Spring (May-June), Summer (July-Aug) , Fall (Sept-Oct).   
 Leagues being planned include Ladders & Fixed Doubles leagues. More details for leagues will be coming soon.

Your Four Play (YFP):  This allows you to select any three CTPA member of any rating to play together without having to accept any other player in your foursome. The four of you can play together for as long as you want as long as YFP court times are available.   If other foursome are waiting to play, once your game is finished you will leave the court, call in the next group waiting and then the four of you would queue your cards for the next available courts.  If you are a group of 8, 12, 16, etc, you can intermix players within your foursome according to the rules of YFP.

Singles:  Singles can be played in YFP up to 8:30 AM weekdays even if other groups are waiting to play.  After 8:30 AM, singles can only play on empty courts and if no other groups are queueing to play.  After 8:30 AM once all courts are full and just one group is queueing, then the singles must stop their game immediately and let the next group on.

For more details on the above types of play, "Rules for CTPA Members"

Keep your CTPA Membership card with your pickleball paddle 

You must have both to play

CTPA membership cards
  • Please display your cards and encourage others to do so. As our membership grows we need to be vigilant to make sure all people playing at CTPA times are members. If someone is not a member please report them to Parks and Recreation or a CTPA volunteer who may be at the courts. 
  • All cards must be displayed at the card display rack on the fence post dividing the two courts  in Level play, Leagues and YFP. No exceptions.  When you leave the court you must take your card with you and the next four players must display their cards. When waiting for a court in YFP, all four members must have their cards combined on a designated queueing rack.
  • Membership cards cannot be loaned to be used by non-CTPA or CTPA players who forgot their card. If this happens, the member of the loaned card and the person using the card both will have to forfeited membership for 6 months without refund.
  • They cannot play during CTPA hours for 6 months. Members/guests using fake or expired guest cards will both be subjected to the same penalty.  In YFP, any three members playing with another member who has a CTPA  card that is not their own will also receive a 6 month penalty. Please know the success of CTPA and our growth is  following the rules established.The membership cards and fees are the basis of our future growth and therefore we will strongly enforce these penalties if anyone violates them.   
  • Don't jeopardize your own membership by playing with someone who forgot their own card or is playing with someone else's card or using a fake/expired guest pass in YFP.