Voter Information

Election Information

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court recently divided Cranberry into two separate Congressional districts – the 16th and the 17th.

To learn which precinct, poll location and Congressional district apply to you, enter your home street address on this Voter Information form. 

Use the maps below, of  Congressional Districts and Voting Precincts as a visual reference.

2018 Congressional Districts
2018 Voting Precincts
To vote, you must be registered with the Butler County Bureau of Elections.

Voting Districts and Polling Locations 


EAST 1 - Victory Family Church, 21150 Rt. 19 
EAST 2 - Grace Community Church, 9160 Marshall Rd.
EAST 3 - Hope Lutheran Church, 8070 Rowan Rd. 

WEST 1 - Cranberry Highlands Golf Course, 5601 Freshcorn Rd.
WEST 2 - Municipal Center Grange Hall (Senior/Teen Center), 2525 Rochester Rd.
WEST 3 - Municipal Center Council Chambers, 2525 Rochester Rd. 
WEST 4 - Haine Fire Station, 1629 Haine School Rd.
WEST 5 - Municipal Center Library (Franklin Station Room), 2525 Rochester Rd. 
WEST 6 - Church of the Latter Day Saints, 2771 Rochester Rd. (corner of Powell and Rochester Rds.)
Butler County Elections Bureau
Floor LL, County Government Center
124 West Diamond Street, P.O. Box 1208
Butler, PA 16003
Ph: 724-284-5309 and 724-282-5308

For voter and election information, visit Butler County Bureau of Elections 

Election Information


Election Schedules Election Dates; filing Absentee Ballots
Voter Registration (online & paper forms) Register to Vote
A list of questions/answers from the Bureau of Elections: Voting FAQs