Commodore Perry Regional Trail

Trails in Cranberry
Effective planning addresses the needs of the present while looking toward the possibilities of the future. It is forward-thinking, innovative, and collaborative. It looks at the bigger picture, without being constrained by municipal borders or county boundaries.

The Townships of Cranberry, Adams, Jackson, Marshall, and Pine have worked to enhance and expand their sidewalk and trail networks. The goal? Connect people with places –parks, schools, neighborhoods, and businesses. With each municipality working on similar goals, a task force was formed to exchange ideas. By communicating and discussing each municipalities’ shared interests, an idea blossomed – to coordinate efforts and plan together to develop a regional trail network, where none currently exists.

The “Commodore Perry Regional Trail” route highlights the existing sidewalk and trail networks in Cranberry, Adams, Jackson, Marshall, and Pine Townships, and the missing links needed to create a regional route – a hybrid of sidewalks and trails. This route provides a benefit to Cranberry Township, by creating connections in the community to key local destinations.

Western Pennsylvania is home to exceptional recreational amenities, including the North Country Trail, the Industrial Heartlands Trail, The Rachel Carson Trail, parks, and bodies of water. The participating municipalities provide exceptional community parks and recreational services to residents. However, none of these amenities are connected to each other, despite being in close proximity to each other. Over time, the successful implementation of the Commodore Perry Regional Trail will create a network of sidewalks and trails that link to amenities across the region.