Parking on residential streets

Park only in designated areas and observe "No On-Street Parking" signs

In Cranberry Township, on-street parking is ok - unless you see signs prohibiting parking. These signs are frequently seen in neighborhood developments and in some business areas.

Exceptions can be made, by request

Take note of the signage in your neighborhood and alert visitors to park in your driveway, or, if you're expecting lots of guests, request on-street parking permission from the Township by contacting the Police Department at 724-776-5180, option 7, with information about when and where your event will be held. Your name, address, requested dates, and phone number are required to process the request.

If your request is approved, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Vehicles can only park on one side of the street facing the proper direction.
  2. Emergency vehicles must be allowed to safely travel the streets.
  3. Parked vehicles must not block driveways, cross streets, fire hydrants, mailboxes or interfere with trash collection.
  4. No on-street parking is permitted if there is imminent snow or ice accumulation.
  5. Parking will not be permitted for more than 3 consecutive days.
  6. On-street parking for commercial vehicles is prohibited.