Budgets and Financial Reports

2021 Budget: Pulling Together Through The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

It is not reasonable to present a proposed 2021 Budget without acknowledging the on‐going impact bought upon us by the COVID‐19 Global Pandemic. President John F. Kennedy once said “..In a crisis, be aware of the danger but recognize the opportunity”. That is exactly how we as a community approached the COVID‐19 Global Pandemic and continue to do so.

The Board of Supervisors have consistently supported two bedrock principles that underscores everything that Cranberry Township stands for:

  • Providing an exceptional level of service to our residents, visitors and businesses.
  • Recognizing that commitment to service is only possible through the Township’s most important asset, its employees and our volunteers.
  • Accordingly, the Township implemented a COVID‐19 Response Plan, focused on maintaining services while properly protecting employees and volunteers. 

2021 Budget