Mobile Home Requirements & Procedures

  1. Permits required - Applicants must complete and submit a Residential Building Permit.
  2. Pier construction design - Applicants must submit a pier construction design which bears an architect or engineer’s stamp - trailer park owners may submit a common design once, for all trailers, but they must submit a layout detail for every permit.
  3. Diagram of adjacent structures - applicants must submit a diagram which shows all adjacent structures and the distances to each, any and all right of ways must also be shown.
  4. Skirting design - Applicants must submit a design for the skirting or enclosure .
  5. Diagram of tie-down system - Applicants must submit a diagram showing the tie-down system - which shall include the type of tie-down and their locations, pursuant to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Application Review and Notification of Approval

Review - The permit applications and plans will be reviewed by the Code Administrator for the proposed location, and then be returned to the Customer Service Representative.

Approval - Applicant will then be notified as to when the permit can be picked up and amount of required fees due.
An inspection card and placard shall be created for each permit.


  1. Piers, columns or footers (prior to pouring)
  2. Final - which includes:
  • Make sure that wheels are removed
  • Check the tie-down system
  • Check the skirting
  • Check for house numbering
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Receipt of duplicate electric card verifying service inspection

**Mobile homes shall not be occupied until an approved final inspection is performed and a "Certificate of Occupancy" is issued.