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Cranberry Township Municipal Center
2525 Rochester Rd.
Cranberry Township,  PA 16066

For information regarding the Forum, contact the Manager's Office, 724-776-4806 x 1103. 
Forum Minutes and Agendas are now available on the Neighborhood Portal.

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Does your neighborhood want to have a Block Party?

Visit the Block Party page

Block Party draft Apr 19 250Block parties are a great way to have fun and get to know your neighbors. Cranberry Township wants to help you and your neighborhoods host these block parties. By providing block party essentials in our Block Party trailer, your neighborhood will be on the way to having a great time.

Plus, if you would like to invite Fire, EMS, and Police we’ll do our best to schedule a visit for you.
Email the Block Party Team

HOA Detention Pond Inspection Guide
Maintaining Your Detention Pond
Review the guidebook, or visit the webpage for More information

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA-DEP) has mandated that every municipality inspect all detention and retention ponds annually. Cranberry Township wants to inform the homeowners how to properly maintain your ponds. We need your help to properly maintain the detention ponds so they do not fail prematurely. Your stormwater detention and/or retention pond is an essential part of Pennsylvania’s efforts to improve the water quality of our streams, rivers, and lakes. 
PropertyMaintenance presentation

Recently, the Forum reviewed this presentation regarding Property Maintenance.