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Stand Up to Drowning

Our Stand Up to Drowning campaign will be activated this year once again.  It's a pledge that swimmers take to educate themselves on the rules and conduct of safe swimming.  Our swim instructions highlight all aspects of safe swimming.  When visiting our Waterpark, please notice the Stand Up to Drowning display and take the pledge with us! 

Swim Lessons at the Waterpark

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Parent & Child Aquatics Must be 6 months to approx. 3 years old
(Parent must accompany child to each class)
Designed to encourage water exploration, this group swim class will teach parents a variety of support & holding techniques used to help children feel more comfortable in the water. Children will practice supported front & back floats, arm & leg movement, breath control, and water exploration through songs and games
Preschool Aquatics 4-5 years old*
*3 year olds may enroll upon successful completion of Parent & Child Aquatics
Entering and exiting water safely, blowing bubbles, submerging mouth, nose, & eyes and retrieving a submerged object, assisted front & back glide, front & back float, arm & hand treading action, and assisted arm & leg action on front & back
Level 1 6 years old and up Blowing bubbles through mouth and nose, opening eyes under water and retrieving a submerged object in less than 2 ft. of water, assisted front & back float, assisted front & back glide, assisted alternating arm and leg action on front & back, changing direction while walking or paddling, and using a life jacket
Level 2 6 years old and up
(Must have completed
Level 1 skills)
Enter the water safely by jumping or stepping in, exit the water safely using the ladder or the slide, bobbing fully submerged, opening eyes under water & retrieving submerged objects in greater than 2 ft. of water, unassisted front & back glide, unassisted alternating arm & leg action on front & back, treading water using arm & leg action in moderate-deep water
Level 3 6 years old and up
(Must have completed
Level 2 skills)
Enter deep water by jumping in, submerge & retrieve an object in chest deep water, deep water floating on front & back, diving from a seated or kneeling position, tread water, front & back glide using two different kicks, front crawl with rotary breathing, back crawl, backstroke, and perform help & huddle position
Level 4 6 years old and up
(Must have completed
Level 3 skills)
Standing dive, swimming underwater, front crawl- 25 yards, back crawl-15 yards, breaststroke- 15 yards, butterfly- 15 yards, swim on side using a scissor-like kick, and tread water using two different kicks
Level 5/6 6 years old and up
(Must have completed
Level 4 skills)
Shallow angle dive, front & back flip turn, front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, tread water for two minutes, endurance building, and stroke refinement
Private Suited for all ages,
3 years old - adult
One-on-one instruction tailored to the participant's skill levels


Flip to pages 13 and 14 in the latest summer Parks and Rec Guide below to view pricing! Waterpark members receive discounts on swim lessons and aquatics programs. Program costs differ for 5 week classes and 8 week classes.

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