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Swim Lesson Safety COVID Protocols

It is vital to our community to continue to offer swimming instructions, hence, with COVID-19 precautions. To ensure safe swimming, all CDC and Red Cross guidelines will be in place for all swim lessons, along with social distancing.  Swimming instructors will follow the recommended protocols which will include limited contact and the wearing of a face shields. Protocols will also be implemented in private swim lessons.  Swim students are not required to wear masks in the pool. 

Stand Up to Drowning. 

Our Stand Up to Drowning campaign will be activated this year once again.  It's a pledge that swimmers take to educate themselves on the rules and conduct of safe swimming.  Our swim instructions highlight all aspects of safe swimming.  When visiting our Waterpark, please notice the Stand Up to Drowning display and take the pledge with us! 

Learn to Swim - it can save your life

  • Group Lessons 
    • Levels 1 – 5/6, Preschool Aquatics and Private Lessons
    •  8 lessons, Monday - Thursday for 2 weeks.
  • Saturday Lessons
    • 5 weeks (Saturday only) for Levels 1 – 5
  • Preschool Aquatics
    • 5 weeks (Saturday only) for Levels 1 – 5
  • Parent and Child Aquatics
    • 5 weeks (Saturday only) for Levels 1 – 5

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