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Fitness for you! 

Cranberry Community Fitness has new classes just for you!  Explore the many new offerings that will tone muscles, improve flexibility, get the heart pumping, along with having some great fitness fun! 

To register for any of the fitness offerings, click here or click on the title of any class listed below.

Group Barbell
Instructor: Nancy
This class has it all! It is similar to Body Pump but we mix it up and add alternatives to the regular squats and lunges along with cardio intervals. You will sculpt and strengthen your entire body by using low weight and high repetitions. Participants may use a barbell, dumbbells or no weight at all. As you age, you lose muscle mass, increase fat mass, your bones get brittle. This class will help burn fat and increase lean muscle mass, bone mineral density and metabolism. All fitness levels will be accommodated. Bring a mat. Space limited. Click here to register.

Instructor: Nancy
The perfect blend of Pilates Core work - Standing, seated, and all kinds of fun tools, mobility - we address it all in this class. Don't worry if you are new to Pilates, modifications are always given! Click here to register.

Instructor: Kristie
Low Impact Cardio and Strength. You'll get stronger, while getting your steps in! Try it - you'll love it! Click here to register.

Yoga for Every Body
Instructor: Nancy
Every body is different and we've all been through different things in our lives. This is an all-around Yoga class including mobility training that is good for beginners-intermediate practitioners. Blocks and straps will come in handy (we do have extra here). Please bring your own blanket if needed for knees, hips, etc. (sometimes it just feels better if things are padded!). Click here to register.

Fitness-Lite Express
Instructor: Nancy
Description: This class has it all - Low impact cardio, Strength, Balance and Flexibility - all in 45 minutes! Click here to register.

Instructor: Dana Stelitano
Description: Barre incorporates basic ballet moves with Pilates, to tone and sculpt. Use of chair to assist with balance. Also use light weights, stability ball or small fitness ball, gliders or bands. Click here to register.

Interval Training plus Yoga
Instructor: Nancy
Join us for this 45 minutes of Cardio/Strength Intervals followed by 15 minutes of yoga. While this class is great for all levels, it is geared toward the low impact crowd. You will get a great work out but you won't be doing plyometrics or a thousand burpees! No Class November 25th. Click here to register.

Chair Yoga
Instructor: Nancy
This is a great alternative to a traditional Yoga class where you may be sitting or lying on the floor. We are either sitting in or standing by a chair. This doesn't mean it is ineffective or easy! You will find it quite challenging but with the safety factor of the chair as a prop. As with all of our classes, "You do You". Depending on how you feel, you can make this class as challenging as you like! Shoes may be worn (if they are not, please bring a mat to stand on). Please bring a belt or scarf. A cushion or blanket might be nice to sit on – especially if you have longer legs or hip issues. Click here to register.

Gentle Yoga:
Instructor: Amy Wilks
Description: Gentle yoga consists of moving through poses at slow pace with a focus on strength, mobility, and body awareness. Suitable for beginners but also the perfect complement to more rigorous forms of exercise. All levels welcome. Click here to register.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Instructor: Amy Wilks
Description: Vinyasa flow is a dynamic practice where postures are linked together with breath in a flow sequence. Typical class components include a range of standing, seated and supine poses, twists, balancing, inversions, back bends, and core work with a focus on increased flexibility, strength, and overall mind/body connections. Modifications offered. All levels welcome. Click here to register.

Vinyasa Yoga
Description: A breath-based yoga flow class. Movements are led by inhales and exhales (called ujjayi or ocean wave breathing) and combine cardio with strength training and stretching as well as mindful, moving mediation. Modifications will be offered throughout the class and all levels are welcome. Click here to register.