Fishing Pond and Scout Centennial Plaza

The Scout Centennial Plaza and Fishing Pond is a monument marking 100 years of Scouting in America. It is the nation’s only permanent monument honoring the centennial. It was the 2012 Community Chest Project of the Year.
The architecture of the Plaza, includes a monument containing three graphic panels illustrating the life cycle of Scouts, and also contains time capsules to be opened on the 125th, 150th, and 200th anniversaries of the Plaza’s dedication.
Situated at the edge of a one-acre fishing pond in UPMC Passavant Sportsplex at Graham Park, the monument and Plaza are open to the public and designed to offer a site where Boy and Girl Scouts can meet, plan, and carry out community service activities in the tradition of duty which has remained central to the Scout movement. Three acres adjacent to the Plaza are reserved as an environmental area for both current and future Scouts, as well as local residents, to care for and enjoy.

This is a preferred catch and release fishing pond

All fish should be released without harm, immediately after landing

Enjoy our Pond and Plaza - by observing these guidelines 

  • The pond is open to all residents and visitors, and fishing is permitted during daylight hours
  • No more than two lines, per person
  • A PA fishing license is not required
  • The pond is stocked with bass and bluegill
  • Live bait, such as crayfish, minnows, frogs, leeches, crickets, bait fish, or salamanders may not be used as bait
  • All types of worms and artificial lures are permitted
  • Barb-less hooks or hooks which have had their barbs blunted are strongly recommended

For everyone’s safety, including our fish!

  • Boats or floating devices are not permitted, except by special permission
  • Swimming or wading is not permitted
  • The use of firearms, archery, or spears, for the taking of fish or frogs is prohibited.
  • The use of nets, cages, or traps are also prohibited
  • No ice fishing
  • No chumming, or use of artificial light to attract fish
  • And, finally, please do not feed the geese, or any other wildlife